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[20 Jan 2009|01:27pm]

Hi guys,

I'm working on a documentary about young people who, due to parental loss, have had to assume leadership roles in their families.  If this applies to you and you'd be interested in taking part, please read on.  Thank you for your time.

Are you adapting to a new family situation and the responsibility of raising your siblings that was unexpected? Are you still figuring out how to adjust? Then MTV wants to hear from you. We want to know how you work through all the everyday struggles of being left to take charge because you have suffered parental loss. This show is really about kids who have come together under amazing circumstances to support eachother. If you appear to be between the ages of 18-28 and have 2 or more siblings that you are now the guardian of, then please send us your story and contact information to raisingmysiblings@mtv.com

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rest in peace [21 Jan 2007|09:57pm]

♥ dad 12/23/99 colon cancer when I was 16
♥ emily 7/2/04 MD
♥ steven 10/28/06, jose', MD 5/11/02
♥ nicole in a fire 10/28/06
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memorial vigil for Ron & Nicole [10 Jun 2004|12:41am]

I hope this is appropriate to post here...

Candlelight Vigil in memory of
Ron Goldman & Nicole Brown Simpson
to honor the 10th anniversary of their murders

Saturday, June 12, 2004
outside the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium
1515 "J" street -- Sacramento, California

for more details, email me at RememberRon@yahoo.com or visit my journal (there's a link to a map there, also)

Thanks for reading. :)
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<3 [06 Jun 2004|03:25pm]

[ mood | stressed ]

For my mother who died September 21st 2002 when I was 16
For my grandpa who died December 26th 1990 when I was 4
For the neighbours in my street who have died,
And for two other grandparents who died before I was born.

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[27 Apr 2004|11:09am]

[ mood | gloomy ]

For Emily - overdose
For Matthew - car crash
For Chris C - car crash
For Rachael - brain tumour
For Bob - suicide
For Mark - suicide

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[23 Mar 2004|03:02pm]

For my mother Judith
For my father Jeffery
For my brother Roger

For Jamies friend Lindsey
For Brandt from highschool

I'm too young for this.
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[18 Jan 2004|11:11pm]

For Callum Crawley who I grew up with and lost touch with when I moved - who died in a motorbike accident aged 18 in december 2003
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John Ritter. ♥ [14 Sep 2003|11:59am]

[ mood | crushed ]

for ♥john ritter♥ who passed away september 11, 2003.

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[01 Aug 2003|01:20am]

For my sister who died on March 21st 1983
For my nan who died in April 2002
For my grampy who died in November 2000
For my uncle who died in October 1997
For my grandad who died in June 1995
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[31 Jul 2003|08:00pm]

R.I.P to my friend mark's dad who died of Kidney cancer 26th July 2003
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[30 Jul 2003|08:14pm]

Rest in peace to my grandmother who died on November 22nd, 2000.
Rest in peace to my friend Alvin who died last fall due to being hit by a car.
Last but not least, rest in peace to my friend Chris who died in late 2001 due to a fatal car accident.
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[30 Jul 2003|08:10pm]

Rest In Peace to my kitty Spiderman who was put to sleep on June 12th, 2003.

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Superbike champion has died in a helicopter crash. [31 Jul 2003|12:57am]

Steve Hislop dies aged 41.

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